XM Cyber Day - 2022

On November 22 and 23, Up & Running held the XM Cyber Day in the cities of Porto and Lisbon.

Karl BuffinVP Sales at XM Cyber, demonstrated why XM Cyber was named a Growth Leader by Frost Radar in the Breach Attack Simulation category.

With the special participation of Antonio Pereira, André Araujo and José Jorge Vicentewe presented major cases such as the Primavera Group, the first XM Cyber customer in Portugal, and the Schwarz Group (LIDL), the largest XM Cyber customer in Europe.

Thank you all very much.

More information: comercial@upandrunning.pt or 914 318 525.

XM Cyber - António Pereira and André Araújo (Spring) | Porto Session
XM Cyber - Rubens Vaz (Up and Running) | Lisbon Session
XM Cyber - Karl Buffin (XM Cyber) | Lisbon Session
XM Cyber - José Jorge Vicente (Schwartz Group) | Lisbon Session