Cynet - An Israeli cybersecurity system that identifies and corrects security breaches and threats in a radically simple way.

Radically simple.
Incredibly efficient.
Zero resource consumption.

All-in-One Cybersecurity Platform


It presents a modern approach to cybersecurity. All prevention, detection, correlation, investigation and response, with a 24/7 MDR service at no cost and without complexity.

Free your security team from constant pressure by automating daily cybersecurity operations.


Complete end-to-end protection

All the tools you need natively integrated into a single platform:
- Complete visibility of the environment with various prevention and detection controls.
- SIEM resources, to coordinate and evaluate threat signals.
- SOAR resources, to automatically investigate and remediate attacks.
- Complete MDR, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Accessible and intuitive

Affordable protection for any organization, regardless of available resources, with instant execution and a consistent, intuitive user interface. 

Cybersecurity on autopilot

Natively automated to put your daily cybersecurity operations on autopilot, so you don't waste time on false positives and routine alerts.


Cynet - Leader Winter 2023

Cynet - Cybersecurity on autopilot

Cynet - Demo 360 Auto XDR -

Cynet - Reducing investigation and response alerts