RevealSecurity: Do you know if your applications have been infiltrated? Discover the innovative solution for detecting malicious activity in applications

Do you know if there's an infiltrator in your applications?

RevealSecurity's TrackerIQ is an innovative solution based on machine learning for detecting and investigating malicious activity in applications, either because an attacker is posing as a legitimate user (account takeover) or because a trusted user (employee, customer, supplier) has abused or misused their permissions. 

With a high level of accuracy and no false positives, this agnostic solution works on different types of applications: Saas, Cloud services and customized.

Itis not UEBA (User and Entity Behavior Analytics)
It detects anomalies per application, by learning the various typical profiles of each user's journey, unlike UEBA which analyzes normal behavior by a single activity average.

Itdoes not collect PII (Personal Identifiable Information).
With the log files, only what is necessary is extracted (user ID, timestamps, activity).

No agents, no integration with applications and no need to define rules, you just need to receive log files.

RevealSecurity - TrackerIQ

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